Quiver // Amplified Trumpet & Paper

Commissioned by Megan DeJarnett

do you trust // Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano, Percussion

Commissioned by Simone Mancuso and the Arizona Contemporary Music Ensemble. Premiered at Prisms New Music Festival, November 2017.

Death Song. Death. d. // Female Voice and Piano

Commissioned by Jill Khaleghi. Text by Bina Neuwirth.

Lux Tintinnabulis // Symphonic Carillon

Lux Tintinnabulis captures the effect of shimmering lights with carillon bells. 

Infidelis In Perpetuum // 4 Channel Playback

Drawn from a single, short field recording captured during a training drill with the United States Marine Corps, Infidelis In Perpetuum is a reflection of my 6-year enlistment experience in the United States' armed forces.

Monstrum Ex Aqua // Tuba Trio and Live Electronics

"Monster from the Water" treats sound as malleable compositional material. For Steel and Stone: New Music for Brass, organized by yours truly and part of the Society of Composers, Inc. of ASU's concert series. 

M.E.C.H. // Ensemble and Live Electronics

Incorporates the concert hall into live performance.

Vermin // Recorders, Voice and User-Controlled Stereo Playback

Commissioned by UMS 'N JIP as part of their USA Project.

Umbra // String Quartet

Commissioned by the Phoenix Art Museum.

Zero G // 5-Channel Playback

Composed for performance at Arizona State University's Marston Theater.


Feather Filtration // Violin and Guitar

Primarily noise-based composition in which musical materials are generated from extended techniques.

Um Plano Com Planos // Guitar and Piano

Commissioned by Duo Bartoloni.

Yield: A Spectacle // Video with Stereo Playback

Composed for Sojourn Theater's "The Race" and awarded the Chandler International Film Festival's "Best Music Video" award for December 2016.

If the Sun Could Hide // Tenor and Piano

Composed for "While You Were Sleeping, I was Singing," a concert by ASU SCI. Text by Bina Neuwirth.

Val Vista Suite // Soprano Saxophone and Piano

Commissioned by Tyler Flowers for the performance at the North American Saxophone Alliance regional conference.

Merciful Madness // Cello and Piano

Composed for Oh My Ears' Marathon Concert.

Here to There // Woodwind Quintet

Short sounder for radio.


College // Brass Quintet

Featured in ASU's Lux Magazine.

In My Head, At the Time // Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin and Double Bass

Composed for Opus III through ASU SCI.

Reserve Nothing  // Saxophone Quartet

Composed for a Saxophone Quartet concert through ASU SCI.

Colored In  // TTBB Choir

Composed for the ASU Men's Choir for performance at the 1st United Methodist Church.

Transmission // 5 Channel Playback

Composed for the Emerge Festival at Arizona State University.